How much is Lazada’s commission?


Lazada’s commission will vary depending on your store type.

1. Individual Seller – If you are a startup seller, you’ll get to enjoy commission-free sales for one year or until you reach Php 1.9 million sales revenue, whichever comes first.


2. Company Seller - If you have a registered business, commission charges will be based on your item’s set category (e.g. Cameras, Healthy & Beauty). Below is the full list of commission rates.

Below are the commission rates depending on Item Category:




For example:

Item Name: Diamond Orange Peel and L- Glutathione Face and Body Bar 150g Set of 3 with Sunblock Gel 20g, Bundle of 4

Category: Health & Beauty

Price: Php 654.30

Commission: 7.50% *Always refer to the column of Commission (Inclusive of 12% VAT)


How to Compute:

Item Price x Commission Rate = Commission Charge

Php 654.30 x 7.50% = Php 49.07

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