What is OVL?



  • Order Volume limit (OVL) is a pre-defined number of total orders a seller can receive daily. This limit is set by Lazada and the value is calculated every Thursday. You can view your current OVL on the seller centre homepage.
  • For Sellers with more than 10% of cancellations and have more than 10 orders weekly, an OVL of 50% of the daily average order volume will be applied. This is to better manage the volume of order cancellations.
  • Improvement in cancellation performance will result in a relaxed OVL.


Orders received in the current day are counted in OVL, regardless of the order status (Pending, Ready to ship shipped and cancelled). Orders Fulfilled by Lazada (FBL) are excluded.

Once you hit OVL, all your SKUs will be set to inactive and no new orders will flow into seller center until the OVL is reset. Sellers can still login to seller centre to fulfil orders or perform other tasks.


How does OVL help you?

OVL assists sellers to manage order fulfilment and improve cancellation performance
➢ Sellers with capacity constraints (e.g. lack of manpower)
➢ Sellers facing fulfilment issues, supply chain process is longer for certain products
➢ Stock management issues
➢ Price management issues


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