What is an SPU?


A Standard Product Unit (SPU) is a collection of attributes (eg. brand, model) that are common to a product across all sellers. Similar concept to Lazada SC’s Master Product but SPUs can be created by sellers. 

Simply put, SPU is = Brand + Model + Mandatory Attributes


Note: Failure to fill-out the Model field of an existing SKU will produce a new SPU, prompting our QC agents to REJECT it.

An SPU is vital for quicker and more effective SKU production as it significantly decreases the number of attributes that needs to be filled for each SKU, minimizing effort and maximizing product visibility as a result. 

When adding new products, you can:

1. Create by choosing an existing SPU:

2. Create a new SPU.

For detailed instructions on how to Create an SPU, please click HERE.

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