What is the updated Packaging Guidelines?



This serves as a reminder of packaging guidelines and procedures communicated in your seller agreement.

Starting October 17, 2016 (Monday) penalties may be applied for violators of the communicated packaging guidelines.

Please refer to the diagram below for rules that will be implemented.


To avoid spillage during transit, please follow the proper packaging for liquid items:


  1. Seal the bottle cap with proper adhesives and cover.
  2. Place it in a packaging box.
  3. Fill the box with fillers to keep the item from moving.
  4. Seal the packaging box.
  5. During pickup, separate the liquid items from the non-liquidsand inform the driver which of the items are liquids.



1. Use empty egg cartons for improvised bottle covers.


2. Use dividers for multiple liquid items in 1 box.


3. If packaged correctly, you should not be able to feel the bottle's shape.


4. It is recommended to label liquid items with a sticker for faster identification. 



A single order with multiple items might have different tracking numbers. Pack items separately if in different tracking numbers to avoid order cancellations.


Improving our customers' experience should be our top priority, dear merchants! As our partner, you should follow our standard packaging guidelines for our customers' satisfaction.

Kindly note that non-compliance may result in Default Fees as indicated in the Seller Agreement. 

We recommend the use of LAZADA provided  boxes and pouches, should the meet your size and product type requirements.

Visit:  http://www.lazada.com.ph/lazadapouches/ 
password: merchant@lazadaph



Once your parcel tagged as non-compliant it will automatically invalid for claims. 

Should you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact LAZADA’s Partner Support:

Start chatting with us!
Email Address: partnersupport@lazada.com.ph

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