Where can I appeal my penalties?


Notification Process

  • Every Friday you will received a notification of reported non compliant packaged
  • Weekly consolidated list of orders with applied penalties
  • Details such as Order#, Item# and reason of non compliance

Appeal Process

  • Appeal filed 7 days upon received of email notification
  • Decision is made based on your justification and internal investigation
  • Your appeal status is communicated within 7 to 10 days from submission
  • Once approved the reversion of Penalty will reflect on your next Statement of Account week from approval.


You can use the penalty appeal form by clicking the form here.

Seller should read the details of the Penalty Appeal Form first before filling up.

Seller should completely and correctly fill up the Merchant Details Section:

Type of Penalty applied:

1. Product

  • Wrong Item Served
  • Missing Freebies/Parts

2. Fulfillment (Cancellation)

  • Out of Stock + Failed Pick up (Fake RTS/Order validated but not picked up)
  • Order cancelled due to Out of stock
  • Order cancelled due to Sourcing delay
  • Order cancelled due to Wrong Pricing

3. Non-compliance (Not compliant in packaging)

  • Invalid/incomplete set of Airway Bill (AWB)
  • Wrong packaging (no bubble wrap, no pouch, etc.)

4. Sales Invoice (Missing Sales Invoice)

*In Justification you can state your comments for evaluation and investigation.


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