How will we avoid penalty?


Type of Penalty applied and what seller can do to avoid the penalty

1. Product

  • Wrong Item Served

          - You just have to served the item correctly.

  • Missing Freebies/Parts

          - You just have to served the item completely.

2. Fulfillment (Cancellation)

  • Out of Stock + Failed Pick up

          - Keep a good habit of process order based on first in, first out process (pick and pack the orders that come in earliest).
          - Regularly update your stock to avoid situation where items are out-of-stock and you have to wait for new arrival of stocks (Stocks in your warehouse should tally with stocks on seller center).

  • Order cancelled due to Out of stock

          - Actively managed your stocks on our Seller Center. 
          - Seller should always have stock for the Pending Orders (under pending tab) and Order Verification Orders (under order verification which is not yet visible on your seller center).     

  • Order cancelled due to Sourcing delay

          - Actively managed your stocks on our Seller Center to avoid cancellation due to out of stock/sourcing delay.

  • Order cancelled due to Wrong Pricing

          - Seller should update their prices correctly. If in case there is a pricing error, kindly email it to or contact us at (02) 754-1220 for investigation.

3. Non-compliance (Not compliant in packaging)

  • Invalid/incomplete set of Airway Bill (AWB)

         - Seller should print 2 copies of airway bill/shipping labels.

  • Wrong packaging (no bubble wrap, no pouch, etc.)

         - All products should be packed based on our packaging guidelines which is stated in our New Seller Agreement.

         - Please click here to see proper packaging guidelines set by Lazada.

     Example of Not compliant in packaging:

     *Improper Packing*

  • Loose or unsecured item in box/pouch
  • Bulky item in pouch
  • Bundled items are not packed together​
  • No bubble wrap
  • Liquid items without box
  • Inflated Items (Ball, Wheel)​

     *Damaged Packing*

  • Torn
  • Wet
  • Not properly sealed​​
  • Tampered
  • Crushed
  • Dented
  • Squish
  • Crack

     *Improper Document*

  • Missing AWB
  • Insufficient copies of AWB
  • Wrong Document
  • Wrong placing of document


    *Unreadable Document*

  • Poorly Printed AWB (Faded)
  • Slanted / skewed barcodes​

4. Sales Invoice (Missing Sales Invoice)

     - Based on Seller Agreement, Merchant should include the company sales invoice every order which include the details is for the customer and the unit price of customer order.

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