How to print airway bill and carrier manifest


A. How to print shipping label / airway bill


A. Printing of Air WayBill (AWB):

1. Click the drop down button to select the action  e.g., “Print Shipping Labels for Selected Items”.

2. Print the shipping labels, make sure that:

Paper Size: A5

Margin: Default

Options: Tick Headers & Footers

Orientation: Portrait

For your reference, kindly see new shipping label designs below:



Print 2 copies of Shipping Labels / Airway Bill

* Printer should be Inkjet

* Paper should be A5 (half of A4)

* For the orders that place in a box, merchant should use stick on pouch for the shipping labels and this should be placed on TOP of the package or the WIDEST AREA available, with all bar codes clearly visible.

* Kindly ensure that the printing quality is good so that the bar codes can be easily scanned.

* Use Google Chrome internet browser only (download it here)

* Please be reminded that the old shipping label is for your internal use only. You are not required nor should you use this during handover of your packages.


B. How to print carrier manifest

Print Carrier Manifest - You can also check in How to print airway bill and carrier manifest 

  • Click "Orders" tab >> "Manage Orders" >> "Ready to Ship" tab >> Choose the order you need to include the carrier manifest >> Click "Print carrier manifest for selected items

  • Printer Settings should be:
                Paper size: A4
                Margins:  Default
                Orientation: Portrait


* Secure signature from the LEX. Seller should sign too.
* Should be 2 copies. 1 for LEX and 1 for the seller.



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