What are mandatory attributes?

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1) What are mandatory attributes? How can I identify them?

  • Mandatory attributes are category-specific product features that a seller must fill in when creating an SKU or editing its details.
  • Mandatory attributes exist for the following sub-categories:
    • Fashion: Clothing
    • Electronics: Mobiles & Tablets, Computers & Laptops, TV, Audio / Video, Gaming & Wearables, Cameras

  • Attribute values will be either text or number (with single/multi-option).
  • Mandatory attributes appear with an asterisk ‘*’ symbol beside them. If you don’t fill in all the mandatory attributes, you’ll get an error message.

2) How do mandatory attributes change SC behavior for 1 by 1 new SKU / updates?

When you try to save an SKU in the ‘Edit Details’ screen without filling in a mandatory attribute, SC will: 

    • Not allow you to save the SKU 
    • Display the following message in red:

Stock and Price Change

Stock and price changes are permitted for existing SKUs that do not have mandatory attributes filled in as long as they are made in the main Manage Products screen:


3) How do mandatory attributes change SC behavior for csv SKU / mass updates? 

For updates to EXISTING SKUs 

  • If the attribute is mentioned as a header (marked with an (*) and in red) in the CSV file, it cannot have an empty value.

  • If you try to upload an empty value, you will see the following error for that particular SKU (the rest of the SKUs will be updated):

fa_pattern:Value is required and cannot be empty

Where fa_pattern is the mandatory attribute.

An error report will also be generated. Please fix the errors accordingly.



If you try to create a new SKU, even if the mandatory fields are not indicated the header, you will still get an error message prompting you to fill in these values as stated above. 

For bulk upload of new SKUs, sellers are encouraged to use the new PIF found in the Import Products page. The mandatory attributes will be highlighted in red in the PIF

To download the new PIF:


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