Mandatory attributes are missing. Please fill in mandatory attributes required for your products.

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  • Your product is being rejected because you didn't provide information for the required product attributes.


  • Product Attributes are characteristics of a product which make it distinct from other products such as screen size, storage and operating system. Attributes are also used as filters, which enable customers to narrow down a selection of thousands of products to only those few items that match their particular needs and interests.


  • In order to deliver the best customer experience and make your product appealing and sell more, we have defined a set of mandatory attributes for your respective categories. Please ensure you fill in these attributes before submitting your products. See guidelines below


Fashion > Women Accessories > Belts

Products that falls under the category above is required to fill the mandatory attributes below:

Mandatory Attributes:

  • Material
  • Style

Please use the dropdown of available attributes that we have provided to further describe your product.

 Please download the full list of mandatory attributes below.

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