This product has been suspected for violating our brand-related policies. If you believe that the brand is accurate, kindly contact Partner Support Center.



Please make sure that your products are not simply passing off as branded or original.





Here are few fake telltale signs to watch out for:   

Altered brand name: official brand name or logo on the product appears misspelled or altered 

Missing original packaging: the original comes in a fancy box, fakes in inferior ones or none.  

Similarity with another branded product: looks exactly like the original but with missing trademarks. 

Similar specific design elements or colorways: looks like Hello Kitty but too pink. 

Price is relatively low when compared with other products existing on the site.






Also, certain brands or product lines can only be sold by sellers who are holding their respective licenses (e.g. Sanrio, Disney, Casio). Licensed products can only be sold by sellers who have acquired the necessary rights to sell them.

What to do:

If your product was rejected and you believe that your brand is accurate, you may submit your official brand license and/or proof of authenticity to our Partner Support team for review.

If you're unable to get a license, please deactivate your product.

Penalties for submitting fake/counterfeit products:

1.Product de-listing

2.Payment Suspension

3.Limits on Seller Account

4.Account Suspension (All products offline)

5.Legal Action

6.Payment of Deposit


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