This item falls under the list of prohibited items and is not allowed to be sold on Lazada.


Definition: Product uploaded is not allowed to be sold in Lazada due to legal constraints and/or it falls under dangerous goods.

Please ensure all products listed comply to our rules and regulations and are not part of our prohibited and restricted list. You also need to make sure that the sale of your item complies with all laws.

Make sure your listing follows the LAZADA guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

Prohibited products (list is inexhaustive and subject to change):


Food Products, Food Supplements, Health Supplements etc. Food packaging/ containers etc.

Any adulterated or misbranded articles of food in violation of Foods and Drugs Act

Gaming, Gambling, MLM etc. Duplicated, Harmful or Virus for software’s etc.

Roulette wheels, gambling outfits, loaded dice, marked cards, machines, apparatus or mechanical devices used in gambling or the distribution of money, cigars, cigarettes or other articles when such distribution is dependent on chance, including jackpot and pinball machines or similar contrivances, or parts thereof Lottery and sweepstakes tickets except those authorized by the Philippine Government, advertisements thereof and lists of


Marijuana, opium, poppies, coca leaves, heroin or any other narcotics or synthetic drugs which are or may hereafter be declared habit forming by the President of the Philippines, or any compound, manufactured salt, derivative, or preparation thereof, except when imported by the Government of the Philippines or any person duly authorized by the Dangerous Drugs Board, for medical purposes only. Opium pipes and parts thereof, or whatever material

Tobacco/ Cigarettes/ Lighters

Medical E.g. Medical products, Contact lenses, Traditional medicines, Medical Equipment, Orthodontic equipment etc.

Medical Equipment Orthodentic equipments etc.

Articles, instruments, drugs and substances designed, intended or adapted for producing unlawful abortion, or any printed matter which advertises or describes or gives directly or indirectly information where, how or by whom unlawful abortion is produced Any misbranded drug in violation of the Food and Drug Act

Weapons (please see description for:) Knives Guns, Rifles, Firearms and its components, Ammunitions, rounds, cartridges, Taser guns, knuckledusters, tear gas sprays, whips, etc. Bulletproof vests etc. Corrosive substances and acids Nuclear technology, weapons of mass destruction etc.

Toy firearms and explosives, which even dissimilar in other aspects are replicas in appearance, measurements and colour as parts of its genuine counterpart firearms and explosives

Fireworks/ Explosives

Dynamite, gunpowder, ammunitions and other explosives, firearms, and weapons of war, and parts thereof, except when authorized by law. Toy firearms and explosives, which, even if dissimilar in other aspects, are replicas in appearance, measurements, colour and parts as its genuine counterpart firearms and explosives under Letter of Instructions No. 1264

Toxic, Chemicals etc. Precious stones, metals etc Amulets, artefacts, goods valuable to the country etc.

Hazardous wastes, even in transit into the Philippine territorial limits Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) under Section 5 of Department of Environment and Natural Resources Administrative Order No. 01 Any article manufactured in whole or in part of gold, silver or other precious metals or alloys thereof, the stamps, brands or marks or which do not indicate the actual fineness of quality of said metals or alloys.

Adult Publications, goods etc. Media Publications etc. Foreign/ offshore newspapers, Films requiring censorship etc.

Written or printed articles, negatives or cinematographic film, photographs, engravings, lithographs, objects, paintings, drawings, or other representation of an obscene or immoral character

Seditious Materials

Written or printed articles in any form containing any matter advocating or inciting treason, or rebellion, insurrection, sedition or subversion against the Government of the Philippines, or forcible resistance to any law of the Philippines, or containing any threat to take the life of, or inflict bodily harm upon any person in the Philippines

Pirated, duplicated goods, publications, currencies, seals, bonds etc.

Fake products that mimic or incorporate trademarks or branding

Animals (Marine, Live, Endangered etc.) Plants (Wild, Rare etc.)

Live shrimps and prawns of all stages, live Piranhas

Other goods not categorized (Used clothing and rags, All used motorcycle parts [except engine])

Used clothing and rags All other articles and parts thereof, the importation of which is prohibited by law or rules and regulations issued by the competent authority All used motorcycle parts (except engine) under Executive Order No. 156 Right hand drive vehicles under RA No. 8506 


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