What is OVL and POL?


What is OVL?

  • Order Volume Limit (OVL) is the maximum number of orders you can receive in a day. Your OVL is updated every week and is calculated using your seller rating and daily average orders fulfilled in the last 4 weeks. With low OVL, you are at risk for losing potential orders and sales.

How should I know that I hit my OVL for the day?

  • When you have hit your OVL for the day, your Seller Center account will be temporarily deactivated. You will still be able to process orders but no longer able to receive new orders for the day.

Notification will appear on your seller center that your daily order limit has been reached. 


OVL is renewed every 12MN local time. If your account has been deactivated due to OVL, the account will automatically be reactivated.

What is POL?

  • Pending order limit is a new way to calculate your order volume limit. It is the based on how fast you can process your orders to ready to ship. 

How do I know when I have reached my pending order limit? 

  • In case the limit has been reached the below message will be displayed: 


What happens when my limit is reached? 

  • When pending order limit is reached your SKUs will be deactivated until you process the required amount of order to go below the limit. You will receive no new Orders (drop shipping), all products are taken offline. 
  • However, you can process all previously received orders. 

 What do I do to be able to restart receiving orders? 

  • You have to process the required amount of order to go below the limit. 

 Are FBL items included in my pending order limit? 

  • Items fulfilled by Lazada are not taken into account in your pending order limit. 

What will I do for my POL to increased?

  • You should validate and hand over orders within 24 hours to increase your OPS score.

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