How do I add a new product/SKU?


You can add new product/SKU in Seller Center either one-by-one or using bulk upload.


  1. Click "Products" --> "Add a Product".

  1. Select the categories of your product and click “Select”. You can also search the category in search bar.

   3. Fill in all required fields in all four tabs: Select a Category or SPU, SPU Information, More Details, SKU & Images, Finish.

    Bulk Upload

  1. Click "Products" --> "Add Products"

    2. Click "Import Products"

    3. Choose category and click "Done"

4. Click "Download" and "Done"

5. Fill out the Excel template and save once completed.

    6. Click “Import Product” section. Click Create new products > upload the saved template then click Upload File.

7. Choose Create New Products in Import Mode then Upload the filled out template and click "Done"

  • One-by-one upload: More concise drop-down menu available for each fashion category
  • Mass upload: Use only the list of new size values and all other values in the size field will be rejected for upload 

To learn more,visit Lazada University Tutorial

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