What are the best practices for product image?


The guideline below applies only for the first image. Mandatory guidelines are minimum requirements needed for product upload. Recommended requirements are for better customer experience and conversion rate on all devices.

Image Size: The product should occupy 80% of the canvas.

Image Resolution: Product is clear, non blurry/not grainy in the image.

Image Resolution / View in Page: Images should be sharp.

Image view in Page: Product should be unwrapped and clearly focused

Image quality guidelines: Product view angle / Watermark-logo-graphic


1. No obscene photos.
2. Have a minimum of 3 images, and a maximum of 8 images.
3. If you will put multiple images, each image should show a different angle of the product.


These guidelines should be followed to avoid your product getting rejected for quality check.

To learn more,visit Lazada University Tutorial.

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