How do I update my product prices?


You can add update your product prices in Seller Center either one-by-one or using bulk update.


  1. Click “Products” -->  “Manage Products”..


  1. Scroll through the list of products or use the search box to locate the product you wish to update the price.
  2. Turn off SKU / item
  3. Click on the pencil icon in the "Price" column
  4. Update the price and click “Save”

Bulk Update

Click “Products” --> "Add Products" 

Click  “Import Products”

In the “Download Templates” section, click on “Price Update” to download the Excel file.

Click "Download" > "Done"  


Click the downloaded file.To arrange the downloaded file, Select Column A > Data > From text

Click Downloads > Downloaded file > Import 

Click Delimited > Next

Untick Tab > Tick Semicolon > Next

General > Finish > Ok

Edit the columns you wish to update the price and save the file.

Upload the file in the “Import Product” section. Import Mode > Update products.


Click Import >> Import Mode should be "Update Price" >> Click "Upload Files"


Upload the updated file and wait if this was successfully uploaded then click "Done" 


To learn more visit, Lazada University Tutorial.

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