If I no longer wish to use Fulfillment by Lazada (FBL), how can I get my stock back from the warehouse?


You can create a pull out request in Seller Center following the steps below.

1. Click "Products" --> "Fulfillment by Lazada"

2. Click "Manage Inventory" --> "Return from Warehouse" --> "Create New" and fill out the information required.

3. Fill out the information required for Outbound Order (Return from Warehouse Order details)

4. Under the SKU Details option, select Add>Add SKU to add the SKUs. Alternatively, select Import SKU to input Lazada SKU and Quantity in the downloaded excel template, and then upload the template.

ADD SKU on Outbound Order (OO)

1) Input the Lazada SKU, SKU name or Stock Type to search.

2)Select the SKUs by selecting the box. After that, click on the arrow to move SKUs to the right column. These are the list of SKUs to be processed.

3)You have to click the next icon to transfer the item under Selected SKUs

4)Input the Quantity to Outbound. Quantity cannot be larger than Stock Quantity or order cannot be confirmed

5)Select Confirm to submit order

Import SKU on Outbound Order (OO)

1)Click on Import SKU

2) Select Download to download the template and input Lazada SKU in the template. Template is in Excel format.

3) Select Upload to upload the updated template with Lazada SKU inputted.

4) Select OK to upload the file




5. Click Save to submit the request


6. Seller can go back to the Send to warehouse> Pending Approval to view the submitted request

Note: Once order is submitted, Seller cannot edit the details

Within 24 to 48 hours, you will see the status of the Outbound Order (OO) if it is Accepted or Cancelled under OO Status Column.


How to print Outbound Order Form?

1) Select Manage Inventory tab and click on Return from Warehouse

2)Click on Print

Lazada will notify you of the anticipated date of pick-up once the request has been approved.

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