Why do I receive penalty?


A penalty is imposed to ensure satisfactory customer experience. You will receive an email notification with details of your penalty when applicable. Penalty is imposed when:

1. Product

  • Wrong Item Served
  • Missing Freebies/Parts

2. Fulfillment (Cancellation)

  • Out of Stock + Failed Pick up (Fake RTS/Order validated but not picked up)
  • Order cancelled due to Out of stock
  • Order cancelled due to Sourcing delay
  • Order cancelled due to Wrong Pricing

3. Non-compliance (Not compliant in packaging)

  • Invalid/incomplete set of Airway Bill (AWB)
  • Wrong packaging (no bubble wrap, no pouch, etc.)

4. Sales Invoice (Missing Sales Invoice)


Should you have any questions, you may reach Lazada Partner Support Center aby sending an email at partnersupport@lazada.com.ph or can start chatting with us!

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