What is Seller Rating?

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Seller Rating

It indicates your performance as rated by customers after each order is delivered. Sellers with high positive ratings (more than 70%) will enjoy privileged access to certain rewards that will help to boost your business growth and increase traffic to your shop. Sellers with low positive ratings (less than 30%) will not be eligible to access these rewards.


Seller Rewards

It is a simple yet powerful framework that is introduced to reward you for your stellar performance and highlight areas to improve, so you can continue to provide your customers with the best shopping experience.

The Seller Rewards available include:
Visibility of products in search and while browsing
Access to campaigns


How is your Seller Rating determined?

Displayed on a scale of 1% to 100%, Seller Rating is the percentage of positive ratings provided by verified customers. Sellers with ratings above 70% indicate a good performance whilst ratings below 30% indicate a performance that needs improvement. From February onwards, Seller Cancellations will also affect your overall Seller Rating. It has been observed that sellers with good product quality and content, fast and reliable fulfilment and top-notch customer service, have better seller ratings. Please see table below to track your performance on these areas.


                                             Seller Performance Metrics


What do I need to do to improve my Seller Ratings?

We encourage you to adopt these best practices to improve your performance.

1. Product quality
i. Conduct quality checks before packing to ensure your products are in good working condition.
ii. Follow Lazada’s packaging guidelines to avoid product damage.
iii. Constantly improve content quality of your SKUs.
iv. Always check that your pictures and product description are actual representations of the product.

2. Fulfilment
i. Ensure the correct item is packed for shipping.
ii. Reduce lead time to ship your order (within 24 hours).
iii. Prevent cancellations due to sellers' negligence (ex. Cancellations due to out of-stock wrong price).

3. Customer Service
i. Ensure all customer queries (buyer-seller communications) are responded to quickly.


Revisions to OVL and POL

i. For sellers with more than 10% of cancellations and have more than 10 orders weekly, an OVL of 50% of the daily average order volume will be applied. This is to better manage the volume of order cancellations.

ii. POL will also be removed from your order management, and you will no longer see ‘POL Limit’ and ‘POL Reactivation Limit’ in your Seller Center. However, POL will be applied during campaign days.


Lazada Policy Breaches
Sellers will no longer be financially penalized for policy breaches. However, Lazada reserves the right to take necessary action, which might include shop deactivation, when sellers breach Lazada policies. Lazada policy breaches include but are not limited to:

i. Listing of counterfeit and intellectual property infringed products, prohibited items, and duplicates;
ii. Misappropriation (e.g. Buying your own products at discount, reselling goods purchased on Lazada);
iii. Listing of sensitive products against specifications;
iv. Products which do not comply with local law (e.g. Labelling requirements, specifications);
v. Unauthorized access to Seller Center;
vi. Using non-Lazada approved 3PL providers


To learn more, visit Seller Rating Deck.

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