What is Analytics Portal?


What is Analytics Portal?

It is s one-stop portal, it has all the key metrics such as your sales, traffic to your shop, operational efficiency and product-level data, to help you understand your business better. You will be able to monitor the performance of your shop and products, anytime when you need to. By analyzing these data, we believe you can take better control of your business growth and boost sales. Access your Analytics Portal under the “Analytics” section now!

How do I use Analytics Portal?


How often is data refreshed?

Data in the Analytics Portal is refreshed on a daily basis in the morning.

Why don’t I see all my SKUs?

SKUs with zero sales and less than ten page views are excluded from display to optimize performance of the app. However, this exclusion does not affect aggregate performance metrics.

How is lowest price determined?

Lazada’s Pricing team has developed an algorithm tracking key competitor sites for similar SKUs, with adjustments for differences in warranty, discounts and attributes (e.g.. Color). The comparison price is refreshed daily for popular SKUs and within a few days to a week for other SKUs.

What is the currency displayed?

All revenue and price figures are displayed in local currency.

Why does my exported data not match the data shown in the Portal?

The format of exported data is standardised. It displays all SKUs above zero sales and with at least ten page views, arranged by descending revenue. All data columns available in the Analytics Portal are shown in the exported data, although not in the exact same order.

Why are there only five types of recommended actions on the Portal?

These are the five basic actions for beginner users of the Analytics Portal. As you become familiar with the tool, you will be able to analyse the data for your specific business needs.


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