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  • Staff from the partner drop off station will be the one to scan your parcels before dropping them inside the cage. 
  • You don't need to bring carrier manifest since system will send an email confirmation on the email address indicated in your Seller Center for the list of orders dropped for that day. 
  • If in case seller received a bulk order, they may request pick up thru this form: Bulky pick up request form
  • Drop off is strictly from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM only, from Monday to Saturday. 
  • An email communication will be sent to the sellers if there will be any changes or announcements regarding drop off.
  • Any concern or issue regarding drop off should be directed to Partner Support. 

This is how the cage looks like:

Cage is locked with 2 heavy duty padlocks. One key is with the Shell staff then the other one is with the driver who will pick up the items. There is a sack that will hold the items and a cushion is placed on the floor of the cage. The sack will be sealed with a security seal then it will only be opened once they reach the Sort Center. No items weighing more than 2 kgs. will be dropped in this cage. If in case you have an item more than 2 kgs, please request pick up thru the link provided above.

Lastly, please treat our Drop off partners with respect. In case there are customers that they are attending to, please wait for your turn to be accommodated. If you think our partner is not doing the right process, don't argue with them and report it to Partner Support immediately. 

Here's the map for the list of drop off stations for your reference:

Drop off stations map

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