What are the requirements for using sticker labels for air waybills?

Operational Excellence

The sticker label option is now available for all merchants for printing Lazada air waybills.

2 copies 1 copy
Requires cutting and folding for pouches Peel and stick on pouches
Requires document sleeves for boxes Peel and stick on box

What are the benefits of using sticker labels?

  • Faster printing of sticker labels
  • Removes the need for document sleeves
  • Lessens the instances of switching of documents and parcels
  • Less costly in the long run and time-saving


What are the materials needed?

1. Lazada sticker labels (Available here)

The Lazada sticker label is a special A6 3-layer direct thermal sticker label. Peeling off the top layer will display an order return guide for customers.

Note: Because these are direct thermal labels, make sure to store the stickers in properly conditioned places.

2. Direct thermal printer

Unlike a Thermal Transfer Printer or Laser Printer, a Direct Thermal Printer does not require ribbons or ink – offering better cost efficiency.

Lazada recommends the use of Honeywell PC43 Direct Thermal Barcode Printer (available here). This has been tested and verified to have passed the scanning machines of third-party logistic providers.

Should you wish to source a different direct thermal printer, you will be responsible in ensuring that
its settings and setup are aligned with the requirements of 3PLs.



How do I properly place the sticker air waybills on my parcel?


How do I properly set up my Honeywell PC43 Direct Thermal Barcode Printer?


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