What is the Delivery Option filter on Seller Center for?

Operational Excellence

The new Delivery Option filter on Seller Center will be helpful for FBL sellers.

With the Delivery Option, you can now check if your items were fulfilled through Standard lead time (normal  delivery) or Express (same-day or next-day delivery).

To use the Delivery Option filter, go to Seller Center > Orders tab, then go to All.


This information should be able to help you gain more sales by:

  • Finding out which items are being availed by customers for same-day delivery
  • Determining optimum replenishment timing for items being purchased for same-day delivery

The program is still on pilot stages as of writing; hence, only limited items are available for same-day delivery. Shop here and select Same-day Delivery at Checkout, under Delivery Information.

Customers can avail of same-day delivery for orders placed from 12:00AM to 1:00PM of the same day. Next-day delivery can be availed for orders created after the cutoff period.


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