What is the process for returns?

Operational Excellence

To help you in your shop operations and return your items faster, we have started to implement three (3) returns streams:

1. Customer Returns

Once an item is returned by the customer at an LBC branch, the item is brought to our warehouse for quality control. Sellers will receive an RO Form once these items are returned to them.


2. Failed Deliveries from LEX and other 3PL Partners (NEW!)

What are the changes in this process?

  • All items that are tagged as failed delivery will be returned to the seller without an RO Form.
  • In place of the RO form, a collective runsheet will be provided as a reference for the merchant. The runsheet will contain order numbers and tracking numbers of items returned.
  • After items have been checked and returned, please affix your name and signature on the (1) driver's copy of the runsheet and (2) on the phone (digital signature).
  • For any dispute, you may use the runsheet as an attachment to the claims form.


Sample runsheet


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