How does the new air waybill format look like?

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Starting June 30, 2017, the new format of the air waybill (shipping label) will be re-rolled out for you to download and print on Seller Center.

I am using the air waybill as my picklist. Will there be no changes in the content of the new air waybill?

Please use the downloadable picklist on Seller Center. The space for package content will be limited in the new air waybill, and may not reflect the full and accurate description of your parcel.

How many copies of the air waybill should I print?

Please continue to prepare 2 copies of the air waybill.

What are the printer settings of the new air waybill?

No new additional settings is needed to print the new air waybill. Please follow the old print settings:

  • Paper Size: A5
  • Margin: Default
  • Options: Tick Headers & Footers
  • Orientation: Portrait

How do I properly print the new air waybill?





The new air waybill looks smaller. Is it similar to the old one in size?

The new one is size A6 that should be printed on A4 or A5 paper. 


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