What is Seller - Buyer Communication?


What is this feature?

The feature will appear as Q&A above the Review section on the product page.
Customer who is logged in into their account will be able to ask a question about the product.
Seller will receive an email notification that a new question has been posted on their page and will be able to reply through email or through a web-form link.
Customer will receive an email notification, when the seller answers.
What kinds of questions is the feature designed for?
We are trying to limit the question to product-related inquiries (e.g. item dimensions, compatibility with other devices, material it’s made of, etc). If a customer asks a question about tracking package, payment, returns, etc., the merchants are asked to give standardized responses, referring a customer to Help Center/CS.




General Guideline



What do we expect from you?




New product discussion feature in product page

  • Customer will Click “Ask Seller” to start seller-buyer discussion


Seller will receive email notification when buyer posts questions

  • Seller can see the questions within the email, also provided link to reply


Seller can reply questions through web-form

  • Type in your answer and click SEND to submit, your answer will be displayed under the buyer’s questions in product page


Buyer will receive email notification once seller replied

  • Buyer can see seller’s reply in the email. Also available a link to the inquired product page and a link to ask more questions


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