How to Prepare and Fulfill an Order

Operational Excellence

The moment an order enters your Seller Center, you are given up to 24 hours only to (1) process the order, (2) pack the item, and (3) hand it over to our pickup team.

To avoid order cancellations and eventual deactivation of shop, please follow this 24-hour deadline.

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to prepare an order:

1. Print the picklist and shipping labels

To know which item is to be processed, you can use the picklist on Seller Center.

To avoid item mismatch and document switching, print your shipping label (air waybill) prior to item picking. Please check your printer settings to avoid unreadable barcodes. (Related: How to pack an item)

On Seller Center, go to Orders > Manage Orders > Pending. Select the orders to be processed and click the dropdown button to select the action.

Pending Orders

2. Pick the item

Get the item from your inventory.

3. Prepare your sales invoice

Merchants should issue a sales invoice per order in compliance with local laws. The sales invoice, air waybill, and the actual item should match!

4. Pack the item properly

Place the sales invoice inside the parcel before you seal it.

A single order with multiple items might have different tracking numbers. Pack items separately if they have different tracking numbers to avoid order cancellations.

Different tracking numbers

For proper packaging of items, please refer to our packaging guidelines to avoid item damage during transit. Non-compliance results in dissatisfied customers, loss of sales, default fees, and ineligibility to file claims. (Related: How to Pack an Item)

Proper Packaging for Various Items

5. Attach the air waybill

Reminder: The sales invoice, air waybill, and the actual item should match!

If you are using a pouch, fold the air waybill in half and place it properly inside the clear sleeve.

If you are using a box, use a document sleeve and stick it on top or on the largest side of the box. Fold the air waybill in half and place it properly inside the document sleeve. Do not close or seal the document sleeve!

If you are using a sticker label, stick it over the clear sleeve (for pouches) or on the largest side of the box (for boxes).

6. Set the order to Ready to Ship (RTS)

Do NOT set the order to RTS if the order is not yet packed. Non-compliance of this rule may result in default fees.

Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Pending. Select the orders that are already packed, click the drop down button under Set Status, and select Ready to Ship.


7. Print the carrier manifest

The carrier manifest is a proof of handover or transmittal.

Go to Orders > Manage Orders > Ready to Ship. Select the orders for pick up, click the drop down button, and select Print Carrier Manifest.

Carrier Manifest

8. Hand over the parcels to Lazada Express or drop your parcels to our drop off stations.

Once the pick-up team arrives, give the parcels that are in RTS. Oversee the pick-up process and sign the driver's route sheet. The driver should also sign each page of your carrier manifest as a proof of handover.

The total number of parcels in the carrier manifest should be equal to number of parcels recorded in the driver's route sheet and equal to number of actual parcels handed over.

For more details about drop off, please refer to this link: How drop off works?


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