What is the e-carrier manifest?



It is an automated e-mail sent every after a pickup to confirm the list of orders that were received by LEX pickup team.

What are the contents of the e-carrier manifest? 

Similar to the printed manifest, the e-mail will contain list of order numbers and their corresponding package numbers and tracking numbers.

Will the manual carrier manifest be completely phased out? 

The manual carrier manifest can still be used but only for parcels manually picked up (not scanned). A copy should be signed by the pickup team to prove hand over.

How is the list of order numbers generated in the e-carrier manifest?

The order numbers in the e-carrier manifest are the ones scanned to TTS (Transit to Ship) by the pickup team.

How do I receive the e-carrier manifest?

The e-carrier manifest is being sent to all merchants via e-mail since late 2016. If you have not received any yet, please check your Seller Center account and input just ONE e-mail address under

Seller Account Information and Warehouse Address in Seller Center.


If you are still unable to receive the e-carrier manifest, please chat with your Partner Support team ASAP to escalate this issue, and we'll be glad to assist!

Can we still ask the pick-up personnel to sign manual carrier manifest?

Yes. However, this document is no longer a valid proof of handover and will not be considered for order reconciliation and filing claims. The exception is for parcels manually picked up that have to be in a separate carrier manifest--not mixed with other parcels scanned.



We will be fully utilizing the e-carrier manifest instead of the manual carrier manifest on Seller Center Starting May 15, 2017.



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