What is POL Reactivation?


Lazada just launched a new feature on Seller Center called Pending Order Limit (POL) Reactivation, which you can now view under your KPIs on the home page.




How will I benefit?

If you have hit your POL, your store is taken offline until you clear those orders. The POL Reactivation feature tells you how many orders you need to process and fulfill to reactivate your store on Lazada. This enables you to reduce business interruptions and process orders faster.

What do I need to do?

If you have not hit your POL, then you do not need to do anything for now. However, here’s an example:

  • • Your POL limit is 50
  • • Your POL Reactivation limit is 15
  • • Your total number of pending orders in your account right now is 50
  • • You need to process 35 orders to reactivate your Lazada shop!

How have you decided what my POL Reactivation limit should be?

We considered the size of your business, your daily order processing history, and your daily order volume. 


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