How to Mass Deactivate our SKUs?


As a seller, there will be times when you will need to deactivate certain SKUs.  Products that don't adhere to the quality standards set by LAZADA or items that are phased out are often required to be put down through the use of the seller center.

Deactivating one or two SKUs doesn't require much effort in your part. However, turning off 50 SKUs at once will certainly take much of your time that could be better used in other things. Thus, learning how to mass deactivate SKUs  has its merits in your life as a member of  the LAZADA community.

The following is a step by step procedure on how to deactivate your problematic SKUs.

First, go to your Seller Center and click Products. From the drop down list, choose Manage Products.


From there, Click Export and download all of your SKUs under a certain Category Line.


Download the .CSV file and open it. Remember to open it in correct format in order to prevent errors when reuploading the SKUs (check this video in case you're unfamiliar on how to do so).


What you now have is the complete product information of all of your SKUs under a certain category line. Proceed to delete all of the columns except for SELLER SKU and STATUS.


SKUs with an ACTIVE status are products that are live on LAZADA and can be purchased by customers. You need to replace the ACTIVE with INACTIVE in order to deactivate these SKUS.


Afterwards, save your product in the correct format and retain all the text format (UTF-8) and field delimiter (semicolon) of your file in .CSV form.


Go back to your seller center and then reupload your file by clicking Products and then Manage Products from the dropdown list. Next, click Import and then choose Update Products from there.


Choose your file and upload it.


Determine the status of your reuploaded SKUs. If the Progress states success, then your SKUs should be deactivated immediately. If not, download the error report and fix your mistakes accordingly.


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