What is the new shipping fees?


Highlights of new rates:


·         Introduction of new shipping fee for packages up to 0.5kg:

o    The shipping fee for packages up to 0.5kg is PHP59 (exc. VAT)

·         Lower Shipping Fee for packages up to 1kg:

o    We have decreased the shipping fee of 1kg bracket from PHP75 to PHP70 (exc. VAT)

·         Additional discount for orders below PHP1,000:

o    If the value of the order is less than PHP1,000, we will discount the shipping fee for an additional PHP20 (exc. VAT). In order to standardize and simplify shipping fee structure, Lazada will keep the customer shipping fee going forward.

·         Discounted FBL rates:

o    We have decreased our FBL rates for items up to 10 kg. Please see below the chart.


Starting date:

·         We will be sending the communication to all merchants at 10am tomorrow

·         The new rate card will only be applicable the day after electronic acceptance of the attached addendum.

For ex. If merchant A accepts the addendum on Mar 20, the new rates will be applicable starting Mar 21

·         This essentially means we need to reach out to all sellers ASAP and make them accept the addendum so they can get the discounts on shipping fee


Dropship rates:



FBL rates for merchant WH delivery:


*If the seller prefers the goods picked up by Lazada, a pick-up fee as defined under Clause A in the addendum will be charged to the Seller. For items staying in Lazada WH over 60 days, a storage fee may apply as defined in the addendum


Examples of shipping fee and discounts:



How do we roll out?

·         The seller will receive an email with a link to the addendum

·         Seller needs to check the box to agree terms and conditions

·         No E signatures required



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